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Make your community THRIVE...

At Rylee Park, we love Real Estate. We love negotiating…..but most importantly, we love our families and we love our community. As such, we have initiated the THRIVE program where your involvement with Rylee Park can lead to your improving your community. We use our extensive contact lists in the world of Sports, Media and Entertainment to bring un-paralled access to some of the top names in Seattle to attend a private event for either your children’s school, attending a fund raiser, hosting a business event or simply celebrating your home purchase or sale with friends.


Over the years, our team has worked with countless current and former Athletes for legal contracts, marketing events and simply being a part of the community. We have teamed up with many players who want to give back in the community and are willing to offer their time to our clients to show support for Seattle and our communities. If you work with us and your transaction is greater than $750,000, we will arrange to have mutually agreed upon local musician or athlete to appear at event for charity, business, or even just celebrate you. Whether it be Seahawk Luke Wilson to The Voice singer Mycle Wastman and many more, we can help make your home transaction reach so many more people in the community. 


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