Below are some of my Client Testimonials

By: Anonymous

I would highly recommend Phill Chumley. As your Realtor, he will stop at nothing to either sell your home or find you the perfect new one. His level of understanding of the greater Puget Sound market is unmatched. His knowledge of the home buying process is exceptional. Even more valuable is his insights into the homes he is showing. While many realtors will just open the door and let you walk through the house unguided, Phill offers observations about roof quality, chimney, the age of the furnace, carpet quality, and much more. If you are considering realtors, stop. Phill is all you need.

By: Susan Rose Cook

We thoroughly enjoyed working with Phill Chumley. He was not only knowledgable of the market, reliable and prompt but lots of fun to just be around. He made the process fun, not a chore. He never pushed us to wait but was encouraging that the "right" house was out there for us. And he was right. With a little patience, we truly did get the perfect home for us. We are thrilled. I am very happy to endorse and highly recommend working with Phill. Phill's competency with the technology side of buying a home these days is impressive, which we felt was very necessary to be competitive in this market. Thanks for everything, Phill. Great job!

By: Anthony Leon

I don't really write much reviews. But I felt everyone should know how Phill help my family and I. I first spoke with Phill 2 years ago when I was living in Hawaii. We discussed how I wanted to move to Washington state and I was looking to purchase. Well although I was in Hawaii he would still call me every 3-6 months doing his follow ups. When I finally moved it was obvious I wanted Phill as my realtor...he was very professional. When it came time to purchase and go look at homes the lender I was working with was unable to help me...but Phill found a way. Long story short he found me my home, he guided me to the lender who approved my loan. He impacted my family's life. I will never forget Phill, I am in the financial services and I would say that his service went above and beyond what I have ever experienced. Thank you Phill. I wish you nothing but success in your career and in life.

By: Anonymous

Phill is an extremely knowledgeable agent and there’s no doubt in my mind that his expertise and personable yet professional demeanor played a huge factor in me finding and purchasing the condo of my dreams. Buying a home is a stressful time for any first time home buyer and Phill made me feel at ease and confident in the decisions I was making. If you’re looking for an agent who will respond to you day and night, do their due diligence when it comes to researching the specific things you’re looking for in a home and negotiating the best deal possible with the seller’s agent then look no further, Phill’s your guy! I’ll definitely be working with him in the future if I ever decide to sell my place.

By: Huang

I am so glad that I chose Phill out of all the listed agents for my first home ownership experience. He is always fast in response and very knowledgeable on the local housing market. He was patient with all my side inquiries as well. I did not ever questioned his ability to help me finding the right home because he did not just wait until I ask the question, but rather provide multiple answers/solutions for me to choose from. I would choose him to be my selling agent when the time comes for me to move onto anther home later down the road, as long as he is still in the real state business :)

By: Tom

Phill stuck with us for two or three years. He supplied us with listings via the internet while we were window shopping. Then, when we finally sold our property in Chicago, he showed us properties that fit our very specific criteria. After we became serious buyers, the process went very quickly. Phill was very helpful with getting us a competitive price and with executing the closing. We're happy to recommend him.

By: Linda Lepak

My experience working with Phillip Chumley was pleasant and positive one. There was such ease through the whole process. He is professional, informative and helpful. A real pleasure to deal with and I found myself not needing any questions asked as he informed me of all I needed to know.

By: Kyle Kazzi

This was the second transaction in as many months that Phill has helped me with and our exepctations continue to be exceeded to infinity and beyond! To be honest my wife and I were skeptical that we could get the sale price within our budget. Phill moved quickly, reaching out to the sales agent to see what would motivate the seller. While they had multiple interested parties at or above our offer, we were able to structure the offer in a way that was the most appealing to the seller and it was accepted. Getting a steal on this property is an understatement as it appraised for well over 30% above the sale price! After we were under contract we had many hiccups along the way that were outside of our control and Phill was all over it and reasuring us that we were going to make it happen. One of those hiccups included the sale falling through on our current home late in the process, at which point Phill offered to purchase our home (no joke). Today we are closing on the house we have dreamed of raising our family in with a large amount of equity to spare. Thank you Phill again for exceeding our expectations!

By: Anonymous

Mr. Chumley was very friendly and easy going, he was upfront and honest in his dealings with me. Mr. Chumley worked with me in getting a great home and ensuring all the proper paperwork was filled out and correct.

By: Marc Stitsel

I met Phill by chance; I was looking up a Zillow listing & it incorrectly gave the number of his company, who was not the realtor for the house I was interested in....the house was not even on the market in fact.However, this turned out to be a happy accident! Fast forward a few days later & we officially met for an initial meeting.I was impressed right away with how he explained how his company, Exclusive Home Realty, did things.He was upfront & honest & I came away with a good feeling after meeting him.However, the hard reality of buying a house can sometimes get clouded with personal feelings, so I proceeded with caution. About 3 weeks later I found something that interested me & contacted Phill.As a 1st time home buyer I really had no idea how everything worked & Phill was patient & explained everything to me & got right back to me whenever he didn't have an immediate answer. Long story short, my wife & I are now happy homeowners & Phill helped us navigate the rough waters of the homebuying process.He was there every step of the way & even went out of his way to make this deal happen for us.A true professional & a gentleman. Highly recommended and we're glad he was the person we were fortunate enough to deal with!

By: Anonymous

Phil was extremely helpful and insightful in helping my wife and finding our dream home. Once we found our home Phil help us through the closing process. Phil is an excellent and proactive real estate agent which made our house search, purchasing and closing a seamless process and enjoyable experience. We highly recommend Phil to any prospective home buyer. Phil will get you the best deal in town.

By: Marti B.

We knew that Phillip Chumley was the right realtor to work with from recent experience as he helped our daughter to buy her own first home, and he worked diligently to make it a smooth process. So we contacted him a few months ago, and he drove over an hour out of his way to show the house we were considering to purchase. He is interested in our needs, knowledgeable, professional, and has a network of contacts to help us such as the best home inspector. Phillip is sincere and provides timely response to answer any question we had. He made it easy to conduct the majority of the paperwork completion online and personally delivered the keys immediately upon closing. It is a pleasure to work with Phillip and we will absolutely feel very comfortable to refer our friends and family his way in future.

By: Kelly

This was our first time buying a home so needless to say we always had a LOT of questions. Phill answered all our emails/calls/texts immediately and always calmed our jittery nerves. His aggressive negotiation tactics were impressive and within one day of a house being listed we viewed the home that day and Phill had the offer in that night! We're extremely impressed with Phill's professionalism and will be referring him from here on out.

By: Budgie Sanswings

As first time home buyers, Phill was amazing to work with! He always answered our questions quickly and was right on top of things even when things got a little rough because of the sellers.

By: Yun Suk Hyang

Phill was very helpful and professional throughout the transaction. He made it easier for me to make the decision to buy the house by answering my questions clearly.

By: Srecheungel

My family and I are truly grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Phillip Chumley in search of our home. Mr. Chumley was very professional he listened to our needs and wants. He is very knowable and passionate in what he does. We couldn't asked for a better realtor.

By: Anonymous

Phill made my home buying experience absolutely fabulous. I had been looking for homes on my own for awhile and had a particular home in mind (early 1900s craftsman). Phill listened to what I wanted and quickly came up with a list of homes in the area that met my needs. He was prompt and always available to work around my crazy night shift schedule. We took a look at the list of homes he created and I found one that I loved that was above my price limit. Phill worked hard to prove the value of the home and we went in with an offer significantly less than asking and we got it! I just moved into my new home over the weekend and I couldn't be more happy. Phill is confident and knowledgeable and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a new home!

By: Anonymous

Phill made my home buying experience absolutely fabulous. I had been looking for homes on my own for awhile and had a particular home in mind (early 1900s craftsman). Phill listened to what I wanted and quickly came up with a list of homes in the area that met my needs. He was prompt and always available to work around my crazy night shift schedule. We took a look at the list of homes he created and I found one that I loved that was above my price limit. Phill worked hard to prove the value of the home and we went in with an offer significantly less than asking and we got it! I just moved into my new home over the weekend and I couldn't be more happy. Phill is confident and knowledgeable and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a new home!

By: Serene

Phill hung in there with us through an over two month battle with meeting our lenders final requirements, a leak springing up in our home to be the day before our original closing deadline, and extra work for everyone all around. End result was finally getting the dream home that met all of our long list of impossible needs, not to mention an amazing view, and $35,000 off our original asking price. Could not have asked for service any better, highly recommended. Thank you Phill, we'll definitely be inviting you to the our move in BBQ once all the remodeling is done :)

By: Anonymous

Working with Phil was easy and one of the best experiences with a realtor that I've had. He was patient, flexible, very accommodating and ALWAYS ready to go the extra mile. He provided valuable, candid feedback that saved time and aggravation! His knowledge of the area was also very, very helpful. I believe that his counsel helped me find exactly what I wanted in the right price range.

By: Dennis Polinder

I was a first time home buyer and Phill made the experience painless and hassle-free, relatively speaking. The previous realtor I was with advised me against bankruptcy homes, as they could take from 3-6 months to close, if it's even approved by the court. It was a shame, cause I had my eye on one. Not only did Phill show me the house, but we closed in under 2 months, from the initial offer to closing. He answered every question I had and was always available. And the best part of all, I felt he truly cared about finding the best house for me. Will DEFINTELY go to him for any future house purchases, and have also referred all my friends who are currently house hunting. Definitely will be the best home-buying experience you'll ever have.

By: A. Svircic

We really enjoyed working with Phill and would absolutely recommend him to others. His negotiating skills are great and he was always prompt in answering all of our questions. He truly wants to find the best house for you at the best price possible. We are so grateful that he was our buying agent! He is great person and truly a pleasure to work with.

By: Katie Taylor

Phill was an amazing Realtor and he helped us through the process of buying our first home! He was very patient with us as we (we had very specific parameters) took over a year to find the home we loved, but he kept in constant communication with us making sure we were never left with questions or out of options. He was always available by phone, email or text, even late at night if the situation needed it. He was very knowledgeable of the area and understood what we were looking for. I felt we really had an advantage by using his website with Exclusive Realty to search for new homes on the market. We often knew about homes as they were coming on the market sometimes days before the major home search sites. During the bidding/buying process he was always very fast at putting together our bids and making very little work for us. We also had a leg up because of his relationships and his connection with the selling realtor. Now that we have settled in our home Phill has kept in contact making sure we are happy and everything is going smoothly. If we were to buy another house in the future I would definitely use him again and would confidently recommend him to anyone looking to buy a home!

By: Anonymous

It was great working with Phill. He was on top of everything and our needs. He got us what we needed even when we change our mind he still got it. Phill a great person to work with. This was our first time buying a home together. Phill work with both of our needs. If I had to go throw this again I would definitely call phill but I don't have to because he got us what we wanted already. Thnx Phill

By: Anonymous

Not only was Phillip professional, courteous, punctual and extremely knowledgeable. He also made the process of buying my first home incredibly smooth and enjoyable. I will continue to refer my family, friends and colleagues to him.

By: Anonymous

Being a first time buyer, Phillip made me feel very comfortable and secure through the entire process. He was a go getter since day 1 and he went all out in getting me the place that I had my sights set on. He is extremely knowledgeable and professional, and I would recommend him to anyone that is looking for a new home. I will make sure to do so for any of my friends or family that may be looking in the future. Can't praise him enough.

By: Anonymous

Phil is freakin awesome!!! He is wonderful at getting back to you, juggling customers, setting up times to meet, calling to figure things with the buyer.....pretty much everything. He met with my wife and I whenever, even to the point where we almost felt bad asking him. My wife was getting very stressed out about not finding a home that was right for us, but anytime she talked to Phil he would reassure her that we will find "the one" and we did! there is so much praise to give Phil! He will not let you down for sure. We were so thankful that he was our assigned agent! Also we may have been his most difficult customers because the loan we were trying to close was taking wayyyy longer than necessary(about 90 days to close it), but he was so patient and very understanding knowing it was not our fault. Again thankful we had Phil on our side I will recommend everyone and anyone to Phil. We could not be happier with how we were treated. I could say soo much more as well! Just let Phil help you out.

By: Anonymous

We had a friendly and excellent experience with Phillip. He took our needs and wants into consideration and we found the house in a short amount of time that we were looking for. We would recommend him because he didn't deter from our our request or desires and biggest didn't try to go above what we could afford to spend. He sought to make us happy and get us a home that was family friendly and one that we could spend many years in while being cost effective. We would recommend him and use him again in a heart beat. Thank you again Phillip Chumley we truly have our dream home! :)

By: Anonymous

My Husband and I were first time home buyers - originally we took a friend up on a recommendation to a different realtor which really jaded me on the whole house buying experience. I ended up emailing Exclusive Home Reality where my request was answered intermediately and I was introduced to Phillip Chumley and right from the start I was impressed - Needless to say we switched realtors and I couldn't have been happier with the results! The next day we were out seeing houses and in no time we were signing papers then on our way to closing. Phil helped us every step of the way.

By: Anonymous

We all have friends in real estate, and it's always a tough decision on who to use. I chose to go with someone that I didn't have a prior friendship with, and it was by far, the best decision I made. Phillip was on call 24/7 - if I had a question, if I found a house that I wanted to look at - whatever it was, he was there for us. In the past, I felt like our agent was pressuring us to buy the house we were looking at - Phillip wanted us to buy the house that was right for us. In the end, Phillip helped us find "our" house. The one that was right for our family, long term. We plan on recommending Phillip to anyone and everyone we can in the future.

By: TheSWalks

This was our third experience with finding and purchasing a home, and it was the best. I've given much thought to what makes Phil so much better than any other agent we have dealt with: He listens. He loves his job. He is professional. He is patient. 1.) Phil listens to his clients, respects what they say, and directly addresses their special needs. In person, on the phone, via e-mail, and on our house hunting adventures, he was completely attentive and quickly responsive. During one home tour, I questioned something out loud without really being aware of it. A few moments later Phil had a definitive answer! He answered EVERY question or concern quickly, thoroughly and professionally. 2.) Phil LOVES his job. This means he is enthusiastic, motivated, and professionally on top of things. His use and knowledge of technology places him far ahead of other agents we've encountered. 3.) He is professional. He is obviously well-trained in his field, has excellent rapport with his peers, and isn't afraid to say, "I'm not sure about that, but I do know where I can find the answer." 4.) Phil is patient, and he never gave up on finding our family the perfect home, suited to our individual quirks! On the days when I or my husband would feel discouraged, Phil would call or send an e-mail to touch base, provide us with news, or just to give us encouragement. We have been living in our wonderful home several months and feel a deep sense of appreciation for Phil's assistance, persistence, and professionalism.

By: Anonymous

Me and my wife were first time home buyers and we were having a lot of problems closing on several deals for homes. We had made 9 different offers for a home with our previous real estate agent, who had 30 years experience, and couldnt get it done. We met Phillip at a open house and were immediatley impressed with him. He was very knoweldgeable and enthusiastic. We agreed to meet and discuss what he had to offer as an agent to represent us. Will closed a deal for us on our second home we put an offer on. It was our dream home. Every detail in the process was handled by Phill efficiently and immediatley, and made a once very stressful process, fun and exciting. We are very greatful for him and would highly recommend him to family and friends with total confidence.

By: Anonymous

Phil worked very hard to ensure we got what we wanted. He is very knowledgeable about the homes he showed us and not pushy about our likes and dislikes. He was always prepared with the background information of each listing we looked at. His suggestions to us during the build process aided us in attaining items for our new home that we would not have thought of on our own.

By: Anonymous

What made my home buying experience more challenging than the typical real estate transaction was the fact that I was overseas on business (long term). I needed an agent that was willing to do the leg work, visit properties that I’ve identified on the internet, take photos and videos and provide objective and professional feedback. Every aspect of Phill’s performance was outstanding. With his help we were able to identify a fantastic property that met and actually exceeded our criteria. Phill is a very good negotiator. The way he presented our offer was very appealing to the seller and got accepted even though the seller’s agent had more scheduled showings. Phill is by far the best agent I ever worked with.

By: Anonymous

We called Phill on a Thursday, and he immediately started emailing us information on properties that fit our criteria. We met with him on Saturday, drove out to the property we liked the best, met with the owner and owner's agent, and effectively sealed the deal. It could not have been handled more smoothly.

By: Anonymous

We are so happy that Phill helped us find our dream home! My husband and I appreciated Phill Chumley's service and found Phill always cheerful and pleasant to work with. By far, he is the best realtor that we have dealt with! He was very professional, timely, friendly, and knowledgeable. He was never pushy, and instead always readily available to answer our questions and show us homes, even when we sometimes could only plan them at last minute. His professional and accomodating service fit right in with the flexibility we needed in a realtor. On on top of that, his successful negotiation skills are what allowed us to get our dream home in our asking range. We had worked previously with supposedly one of the best realtors at Windermere (referred by friends) but we certainly were not as satisfied or impressed with our previous realtor as we were with Phill. I would highly recommend Phill to anyone who's looking for a realtor!