If you are interested in joining a growing and vibrant  boutique Kirkland Real Estate Brokerage, we'd love to talk with you about a career at Rylee Park. We are an Attorney run, marketing focused firm looking to provide long term careers, not just a job to our brokers. We plan on continue to grow with our team and be the premiere brokerage in town where brokers share in the success of the firm and we build market share.

Unlike many brokers who either charge large commission splits or provide little services, we provide the best of both worlds: 

1) 20% Splits (no minimum, no desk fees, no out of pocket costs)

2) We provide you with your own website to begin 

3) Sign Designs and customized market materials 

4) Free Access to legal assistance on deals

5) Professional head shots 

6) Guidance from an attorney how to create your own business and minimize taxes

7) Guidance on setting up a comprehensive marketing plan for your business

8) Access to commercial MLS and commission splits on referrals

9) Equity opportunities for ownership interest in Rylee Park after $15 Million in sales.

10) Free Transaction Coordinator for ever deal 

If you would like to set up a consultation with our Kirkland Real Estate management team, please email us at Scott@ryleepark.com or Michael@ryleepark.com to meet our team.